Refugees: Is this a humanitarian issue or a socio-economic one?

Regugee migration has been at the centre of discussion on many global forums in the last 2 years. The large scale migration that has happened through the porous borders at the Mediterranean coastline into mainland Europe and fleeing families from the war torn Syria to Germany has created dissatisfaction amongst the local population.

Last US presidential elections brought into focus the border issue of Mexico and Latin America. In my view, it is naive to address these issues from only one perspective  : humanitarian ground. This issue must include the socio-economic dimension as well. It is not very difficult to see the reaction of local citizens who feel the impact of refugee influx.

Closer home, the issue of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar to India has captured media headlines in the last few weeks. The issue of Rohingya muslims and the lack of their integration into mainstream Myanmar citizenry has been a long pending matter.

I had written a note on the issue of Rohingya Muslims in 2015 as a part of a student delegation committee. The full note is attached here. It provides a background to the issue and also makes an attempt to make some suggestions to the Myanmar government.

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