Make Maharashtra Plastic Free but Don’t throw away your Plastic shopping bags yet!

‘Ecosac’  is giving away a  polyester bag in exchange for your plastic shopping bags to create awareness in this movement.

The bags are capable of taking heavyweights, they can last for 3 to 5 years and are washable. The incentive is available for about a month or maybe till the stocks last.

You too can contribute to make Mumbai a better place by giving away your plastic bags and get an ‘Ecosac’ bag as an incentive for being a part of the drive by the government.

How do you get the Ecosac bag ?

1) Keep all your plastic shopping bags ready for exchange. Minimum 37 large and medium shopping bags (in fact give all away since the banned stuff will be put to good use).

2) Call Sakshi from on 9167640296 during working hours on working days.

3) They send their logistics company in approximately a week to deliver the ‘Ecosac’ bag & collect your plastic bags.

What do they do with your plastic bags ?

They send it to Pune where your plastic is converted into polyfuel, which is used as an industrial fuel. That uses approximately 85% of the plastic. The balance 15% leftover as a sludge would be mixed with Bitumen and used in the construction of roads.

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