How far will we go to succeed?

From a very young age, we tell our kids that they should chase the top positions: in studies, tennis, piano. Almost everything that a child does, he or she must excel in it. The fun to do any activity takes backstage.

Why ? Parents argue that they are preparing their kids to be ready for the world. To get the competitive spirit their children must be best as art, drawing, singing and even GK. for these parents go to any extent of getting their children coached from the age of 3.

The desire to succeed has become an obsession to stay ahead. We are made to create an identity of ourselves that smacks of success in multiple fields.  Is success good at any cost? Is this leading us our children to view success as the only non-negotiable in their lives? Are we seeing children and youth around us who are ready to negotiate many other values just to be at the top?  where could this lead us?

Is the real world harsher than the imagery of the world that we show to our young minds? Will all of us succeed? Is losing such a bad thing, after all.

I wrote a brief argumentative essay (Absolute versus Relative)on the above thoughts last year as an assignment.

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