Does sharing means spreading happiness?


The word brings Smiles on faces of not only children but also many adults. One of the activities that our Foundation, GiveBack, is engaged in are drives to collect toys.


In the last few months, My sister and I got involved in the Toys collection drive. The first thing my twelve year old sister put in the donation box was her Casio keyboard. She started learning piano in it three years ago. First she hesitated and then looked at the full size Piano and decided that the time had come for her to let some other pair of hands to make music from it. Bravo Tia !!

I placed My Monopoly in the box. Many of my friends contributed too. Puzzles, Pictureka, Body Atlas, Chemistry experiment set, Uno, Bingo and some more, They are now ready for distribution. 


We have identified ToyBank as the right partner for the distribution drive. ToyBank celebrated their 14th successful year last week and treats toys as significant tools that not only bring happiness but they believe that toys inculcate discipline, spirit of community building, fights depression and assist in mental development. In fact, what amazed me was that they select only those toys that pass their test of adding some value (Barbies and XBOT are out !)

More power to Toybank !!

About Toybank (

It is an initiative under The Opentree Foundation is an organization in India that promotes the Right to Play for all children. It provides a platform to all individuals from all ages to participate in this movement of propagating the Right to Childhood. It was founded in August 2004 by Shweta Chari. It is headquartered in Mumbai with a presence in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Goa and Bhutan. 

Toybank reaches toys and board games to underprivileged children through distributions and the setting up of toy libraries called as Play Centers. The organization has set up 154 play centers in Mumbai with a total of 256 active play centers around the country.


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