GiveBack Distribution Drive!


As per our frequent and a habitual routine, GiveBack Foundation has participated on 5th August in a distribution drive of old but usable clothes to the families that assemble on the first Sunday of every month at G D Somani school.

I got involved in such distribution drives in October 2016 when Giveback Foundation joined hands with Saksham, a NGO that facilitated access to families of underprivileged and especially those inflicted with blindness. 

About Saksham Trust

The Saksham Trust was established in 2003 under the leadership of Mr. Dipendra Manocha and Ms. Rummi K. Seth, with the sole purpose of empowering persons with blindness. It plays a key role in advocacy and act as a service provider in the field of rehabilitation, education, training and assistive technology. In addition to a school for children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities, it runs a distribution center of assistive aids and appliances for education, mobility and independent living.

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