8 reasons why youth vote is so important? Your vote matters!

India is the largest democracy in the world. And it is one of the most Vibrant too. How many times have we heard that things nice slowly in our country not only due to bureaucracy but also democracy. What is beyond argument, however, is that the system allows citizens to participate and even question policies and policy makers. Right to Information (RTI) Act which came into force in ………. has provided a legally tenable tool that has allowed the decibel level of a common man to be heard better.

The Constitution of Independent India was found on the principles of democratic participation that guaranteed the right of all citizens to have a role in shaping government and the rule of law.

But we face a new challenge – a large number of our youth don’t vote.

Why is youth voting important?

Does My Vote Count? Yes

General elections are due in 2019 – it is only a matter of months. The national leaders that get chosen will have significant influence on many important issues, including initiatives of great concern to youth. More than 440 million in our country are in the age group of 18-35. This is the age bracket for Millennials. This age group forms 46 % of our workforce. Can you see who stand to gain or lose the most with right or wrong policy initiatives ? You, me, the YOUTH.

We do have the opportunity to help select our government leaders.  The health of our democracy relies on our participation.

My plea to the youth : please Vote because your vote matters.

If you are a cynic or skeptic then read some hard hitting reasons that I read in an article in Huffington Post :

  1. You should be the one to shape your future
    We often say that adults don’t understand the teen perspective. They are still grappling our high tech era, our fashion, our interests. If you fail to vote, you are unknowingly giving the power of selection to adults to make decisions about the leaders and laws that will shape and lead society for decades, and you can be sure that those decisions are more likely be ones that do not agree with the teen psyche and perspective.
  2. Voting is an important right
    Think about all the countries in the world that don’t have democratic political institutions – countries like Syria, Congo, Cuba. In many countries, citizens are denied the right to vote and they don’t have the option to shape their government and their future. We are immensely lucky to live in a country that was founded on democratic values and it’s an insult to our Founding Fathers to forgo our voting rights. You don’t want to insult our Founding Fathers, do you?
  3. If you don’t vote, you lose your right to complain
    If you don’t vote, you could end up with a potted plant Government. If you choose not to vote, are you not actually waiving your right to complain ? By voting you play an active role in the political outcome you desire. It then gives you a right to complain if things don’t go your way. If you don’t vote – shut it!
  4. Don’t be a voting slacker
    Democracy doesn’t work without citizen participation, yet the turn out in 2014 Lok sabha elections was only about.         It’s up to Gen Y and Gen Z to change this. We must revitalize the Indian democracy and show the older generations the importance of voting by casting our own votes.
  5. It’s an important skill to learn
    You’ll be voting for the rest of your life. Casting well-considered votes is something you will want to teach your friends, family, and children. So why not start now?
  6. It helps you stay engaged with politics and current events
    How many times have you wished that you were more in tune with politics and current events for your entrance exams,  college curriculum, employment opportunities etc ? Committing to voting is the only way to engage in the political world around you. It will keep you connected with the key policies that impact your lives.
  7. You just should!
    Don’t waive your right to vote. Register for a smart Voter is. And, when election day comes, cast your ballot.

Looking at the demographics of our country it is essential, more than ever before, that young people take advantage of their right to vote and create a future that aligns with our fundamental beliefs and set a precedent for future generations. The size of our young population has the potential to become not only the loudest voice in our own country but even across the globe.

I strongly believe that teens should register to vote when they turn 18.  It is as important as ever that we turn out at the polls. I will turn 18 next month and one of the first thing that I intend to do is to send my completed Form 6 to obtain a smart Voter id.

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